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Loop legend Steve Lawson delivering the bass goods at ACM

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    Loop legend Steve Lawson delivering the bass goods at ACM. https://youtu.be/0zEdA0Kjsbw

    Elrick Steve Lawson Custom Gold Series bass released!

      Project Details:

      Elrick Bass Guitars, Ltd. is excited to announce the newest addition to our award winning line of basses; the Gold Standard Steve Lawson Custom Bolt-on neck Bass Guitar! SteveLawsonBassWeb800 The Steve Lawson Custom (SLC) semi-hollow body featuring our “heel-less” body design is one of the unique design features of this special bass guitar. A 33” scale neck is attached using five bolts in an asymmetrical pattern for exceptional stability and playability, while a thru-body string option makes possible the use of standard scale strings. A Macassar ebony fretboard and custom Aero single coil pickups (featuring matching wood covers) in passive configuration contribute to the clarity and articulation of this instrument. Combined with the medium scale length, 17mm string spacing and 2” neck width at the zero fret accommodates chordal players as well as soloists. Also included is a push-button momentary / kill switch for special effects. As on all Gold Series basses, a book-matched exotic wood top is a standard feature. Steve Lawson Custom signature basses are available now from Elrick Bass Guitars directly and from select Elrick dealers worldwide. http://www.elrick.com/artists/steve-lawson/

      Elrick Bass Guitars Announces Expat Evolution Satin Matte Black Finish!

        Project Details:

        Elrick Bass Guitars, Ltd. is excited to announce the newest addition to our award winning line of Expat Series basses. Satin matte black finishes are now available on Expat Series e-volution 4- and 5-string bass guitars! ElrickExpatMatteBlackDual800 Expat e-volution basses feature U.S. Bartolini pickups and electronics, as well as hardware by HIpshot, including the exclusive Elrick bridge. Select swamp ash bodies with matching wood control covers, 3-piece maple necks and wenge fretboard complete the package. Expat Series basses are available now from Elrick Bass Guitars directly and select Elrick dealers worldwide. Elrick Expat e-volution basses start at $2299, hard-shell case included.

        See our Elrick Expat Basses here!

        Elrick Bass – Brandi Wynne unboxing

          Project Details:

          Brandi Wynne of Ozric Tentacles receives her Elrick Gold Series 5 mid-tour, February 2016 in Bari, Italy. https://youtu.be/PZHWJbUNLx4

          New Elrick Dealer – Austin Guitar House

            Project Details:

            AustinGuitarHouseElrickWeb We want to welcome our newest Elrick Bass Guitars dealer. If you are in the Austin, Texas area, please go by Austin Guitar House. These are great guys and they will be happy to assist you with any of your needs! Their contact information is: Austin Guitar House 2206 West Anderson Lane Austin, TX 78757 Phone: 512-243-6036 Fax: 512-243-6037 www.austinguitarhouse.com oz@austinguitarhouse.com

            crotched walnut lefty 5

              Project Details:

              IMG_1408 Here's a little something for you "wrong-handed" players out there... This Gold Series 5 has a crotched walnut top over a swamp ash body and a maple neck with wenge fretboard.   Bartolini soapbar pickups / 3-band pre-amp and black hardware. Typically lefty basses are elusive, but this one was built as store stock for Club Bass in Canada!  Crazy right!!?  If you're a backward bass player that's been feeling forgotten, think again, Dave's been thinking about you, ring him up, he's waiting for your call...

              Paris and London this weekend!!

                Project Details:

                IMG_1162.web As if you needed another reason to come out to the Bass Club Paris meet-up this friday evening. Check out this 34" scale Platinum Series e-volution hybrid 5!!  Burled buckeye top with wenge / wenge neck and Aero dual coils with matching buckeye covers, sweeeeeeet... Then pop on over to London saturday and sunday for the London Bass Show to meet Mark and his gang from Bass Direct.

                Bound for Bass Direct and the London Bass Show

                  Project Details:

                  IMG_1121.web This killer Gold Series e-volution 4-string is headed to Bass Direct and will be on display at the London Bass Show next weekend. Gold Series e-volution 4-string swamp ash body w/ burled redwood top maple neck w/ birdseye maple fretboard Bartolini soapbar pickups and 3-band pre-amp

                  Bass Club Paris meet-up

                    Project Details:

                    IMG_1180.web If you're in the vicinity of Paris, or have simply been looking for an excuse to visit the city of lights, why not join me at Bass Club Paris on friday March 6? I'll be there with this striking Platinum Series single-cut 5-string (spalted burled maple top and bubinga fretboard) as well as other Elrick Basses.   This one of a kind bass also happens to be 34" scale, making it even more unique!

                    New 2015 Elrick pricing eliminates MSRP !!

                      Project Details:

                      Didn't get what you wanted on Valentines Day?  Why not treat yourself?  To a new Elrick Bass... Ever wonder about the actual price of a new Elrick Bass?  Wonder no more!! If you hadn't already heard, the 2015 price list is available on elrick.com.  MSRP has been relegated to the dustbin of history, now published prices are the actual prices you can expect to pay a US dealer for a new Elrick Bass. Telly_for_web

                      2015 NAMM basses !!!

                        Project Details:

                        IMG_0958 In case you were wondering how I spent my holidays, you can check out the basses headed for NAMM by visiting my Facebook page.

                        Expat Series New Jazz Standard basses !!

                          Project Details:

                          NJS-4_1081212full   No white xmas?  How about a white New Jazz Standard for xmas?  Or any other time of year for that matter! Available from Elrick Bass Guitars direct and select Elrick Dealers.
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