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Elrick Gold e-volution JJ, De Bassist Magazine, September 2008

John Files Sep 23, 2008 0 Comments Posted in: Press

Elrick Gold e-volution JJ (click to download)

Thru-neck 5-String, Bass Player Magazine, February 2004

John Files Feb 23, 2004 0 Comments Posted in: Press

Thru-neck 5-String  Soundroom Elrick e-volution active neck-through 5-string List price: $3,950 ($4,300 as tested); approx. street price: N/A Pros: Dreamy construction and delightful tone. Cons: None. Contact: Elrick, (386) 517-6823 begin_o /...

5-String Gold Standard, Bass Player Magazine, July 2001

John Files Jul 23, 2001 0 Comments Posted in: Press

5 String Gold Standard (click to download)

New Jazz Standard 5-String , Bass Frontiers Magazine, February 1999

John Files Feb 23, 1999 0 Comments Posted in: Press

New Jazz Standard 5-String  Hands-on Review: The Elrick New Jazz Standard (NJS) by Matthew Lux I have to admit when I was first approached to review the Elrick New Jazz Standard (NJS), I was skeptical. I’m a Fender man. I’ve had my ’76 Jaz /...

Thru-neck 4-String, Bass Player Magazine, August 1997

John Files Aug 23, 1997 0 Comments Posted in: Press

Thru-neck 4-String  Product Profile: Elrick Neck-Through 4-String By Scott Malandrome There’s something about a handmade bass. Maybe it’s the specially selected timbers, the custom-tailored electronics, or just the extra attention that adds /...

5-String Bolt-on Review, Bass Frontiers Magazine, January 1997

John Files Jan 23, 1997 0 Comments Posted in: Press

5-String Bolt-on Review  Hands-on Review: Elrick 5-String Bass By John Dahlman This bolt-on is the latest offering from Rob Elrick of Chicago. The review bass arrived here at subsonic HQ ready to play. The set-up was perfect right out of the /...

Piccolo Bass Review, Modern Musician Monthly, 1996

John Files Aug 23, 1996 0 Comments Posted in: Press

Piccolo Bass Review, Modern Musician Monthly, 1996 The Elrick Piccolo Bass: A Welcome Arrival By Dan Cooper The idea of a “piccolo bass” is not a new one. Ron Carter, Stanley Clarke, and others have long since ventured there. The particular /...

Industry Insider with Rob Elrick – Not Just Another Bass in the Crowd

John Files May 20, 1995 0 Comments Posted in: Press

  Industry Insider with Rob Elrick  Industry Insider: Not Just Another Bass in the Crowd By P.J. LaMariana Rob Elrick is not one of the better known luthiers on the scene, but people in the know are touting him as one of the very best. F /...

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