Tiffany Lloyd

Musician, instructor, and clinician Tiffany Lloyd began playing gospel and contemporary Christian music during her years in high school.  From there, she began her journey to becoming a well-rounded musician, training in jazz, classical, and other genres of music, eventually becoming a member of the Washington, D.C. Chapter of the Grammy Award Recording Academy, the premier outlet for honoring achievements in the recording arts and supporting the music community.

Well known for her note choice and style, she has been described as, “a keyboard players dream” and “the band’s secret weapon”.

Tiffany’s early musical journey has positioned her to play for fellow world renowned musicians and recording artists including:

Gladys Knight
Kenny Lattimore
Lynn Whitfield
KeKe Wyatt
Yolanda Adams
Maysa Leaks 

and appearing on the music projects; Put Your Hands Together – Kim Jordan, Breeve – Freedom Imani, Viscosity – Tiffany Lloyd, and featured in the article:

(from blog article)
“She doesn’t just play root notes making the bass a background instrument, while merely holding the band together. With her complexed riffs and rhythm techniques, Tiffany locks in with the drummer like a perfect combination. Her style puts her in the groove as she lets the rhythm work its magic. The deep percussive sounds of her seemingly effortless playing, would add a rich tasteful pleasantry to any musician’s palate as her fingers glide up and down the neck of the bass like the soft paws of lioness preparing for an attack.”

Tiff’s single, “Viscosity” is available on iTunes and Amazon.
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Tiffany plays an Elrick Gold Series e-volution bass


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