Elrick Bass Guitars, Ltd. is now accepting trade-ins of Elrick

basses* on in-stock and custom-order bass guitars.


Here’s how the trade program works:

STEP 1: Send an email to us (using the form below) with information about your bass and let us know that you are considering a trade. We will reply to your email, typically with some questions about your bass. Take some good photos of your Elrick bass and send those by reply email to us with a description of your bass, age, serial number, specific details, condition and anything else we need to know to approximate the value of your trade credit.

STEP 2: Either select one of our new in-stock basses or request a custom quote for a new bass guitar.

STEP 3: Send in your Elrick bass (please insure your bass for at least the value of the trade-in estimate) so that we can verify or modify your trade estimate. This allows us to provide a firm trade credit toward your new bass guitar.

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Q: Are you accepting trades on any brand of bass or just Elrick bass guitars?
A: We only take trades on Elrick bass guitars. This allows us to recondition any bass if needed and fine-tune this trade-in for sale through our Certified Pre-Owned program.

Q: Are the Cort JSP Josh Paul Signature basses eligible for trade?
A: No, the Cort braded product is not eligible, just Elrick basses, either the USA Hand Carved or the Elrick Expat series.

Q: What if I have an Elrick bass that needs some repair or needs some replacement parts (pickups, bridge, knobs, etc.)?
A: We can still take your bass on trade, but there will be an adjustment in the trade value.

Q: What if I send in my Elrick bass on an estimate and when you receive my bass you determine the credit value to be lower than estimated by email?
A: It can be difficult to determine trade value without having your bass in person, but we will do our best. You can either accept the lower value or have your bass returned to you. If your bass is returned, you will be responsible for all shipping charges, insurance and any customs and duties.

* Eligible Trade-Ins: Elrick USA Hand Carved Instruments & Elrick Expat Instruments. To qualify for this offer, you must send us your instrument to validate the estimated trade appraisal for your trade. The value of your trade will result in a trade credit toward a new Erick bass guitar.
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