Modern Vintage instruments reach back into the classic guitar and bass designs, but add improvements and updates that affect the usability of each guitar and bass without tampering with the formula of the sound, feel and look of the originals. Some of the updates include; updated lightweight Hipshot tuning keys on the bass guitars that improve tuning accuracy and help reduce overall instrument weight, Torrified maple necks that improve the stability of the necks of the guitars and basses while also increasing the sustain of each note while improving how the instrument ‘speaks’, and a modern 2-way truss rod system that not only has easy access for ‘on the fly’ adjustments, but improves the quality of the set-up of each instrument. Each Modern Vintage instrument goes through rigorous inspection and a unique hand adjustment to ensure the best possible playing set up.

Attention to detail of vintage attributes are integral to each Modern Vintage instrument, including; Steel saddles w/ the appropriate saddle design used on the bridges rather than pot metal or brass saddles to maintain the original attack/decay of the originals, all passive electronics, period correct pick guard material, matching headstocks on custom color instruments, and neck profiles modeled after curated vintage instruments regarded as having the ‘most traditional’ neck shapes of the era.

Modern Vintage instruments provide a tremendous value that represent the greatest ‘bang-for-the-buck’ for any player that seeks the sound, look and feel of a vintage guitar of bass, with stability, adjustability and usability are a deal breaker. All Modern Vintage guitars and basses are priced without a gig-bag or case to allow the player the option to use their favorite, use one they already own or add one from our online store as an option.

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