Antonio ‘Bruns’ Brunetti

Antonio Brunetti was born in Italy in 1993. At the age of 6 he started his studies on classical guitar. He became interested in the electric bass at the age of 14 thanks to his guitar teacher who, noting his rhythmic-melodic predisposition, recommended he study bass.

Multi-instrumentalist musician, Antonio graduated in Music Education in ‘Critical and Analytical History of Music Disciplines’ at the “G. Martucci” Conservatory of Music in Salerno with honors. In 2019 he completed his Master’s Degree in Music Therapy. Over the years he has accumulated numerous professional experiences, with various music ensembles, has taken part in various festivals and has played in various orchestras as Bassist and Double Bassist. He also carries out an intense schedule as a recording studio sound technician/sound designer and music consultant for local TV and cinema.

He has been a member in the band for Italian pop singer Mietta since 2016 and carries out an intensely booked schedule of session musician and collaborates with numerous Pop-Rock, Fusion and Funk formations. Antonio collaborates with bands, tribute bands and orchestras of the Campania panorama that offer him the opportunity of working with new and ever changing genres. After appearing in the “Gino Rossi Vairo” orchestra in 2008, he joined the “Entropia” unpublished project Prog-Rock with which he performed in various national festivals and Antonio won the PCM Italian Music Contest recording that later a demo CD at the Parco della Musica.

Since 2009 Antonio has been the bassist for the symphonic rock band Goyah. With Goyah he participates in numerous festivals and national events and collaborated in drafting the arrangements of the album “Memori” recorded at MWS in Tetbury (UK). He is a bass player and arranger of some very active ensembles on the national scene including singer-songwriters Luciano Tarullo, Mico Argirò, Marco Bruno, of the interpreter and author Peppe Cirillo and Antiqua Saxa and the band smooth Jazz “A Project”. With “A Project” he recorded a very popular record in which there are some of the most important songs on the international smooth Jazz scene. In 2015 he performed numerous live shows throughout Italy with Peppe Cirillo on the stage of Casa Sanremo. The same year he was part of an ethnic-musical twinning program with the Ardennes cultures and municipalities in France.

A versatile, multi-instrumentalist, Antonio is very active in his region and is involved with numerous collaborations as a session man and arranger that embraces blues, pop, rock, prog, flamenco, ethnic and symphonic music. Since 2012 he is the bass player of the Evoli Orchestra conducted by M° Angelo De Feo and in this context collaborates with artists such as Tullio De Piscopo, Alan Sorrenti, Gigi Finizio, Cat Panceri, Luca Napolitano, Vince Tempera, Mario Rosini, Marco Armani, Franco Fasano, I Farias, Gianni Fiorellino, Enzo Polito, Carmelo Zappulla, Marco Rinalduzzi, Davide Cantarella, Ernesto Radano, Federica Marinari, Italian Sisters, Poterico, Nello Daniele, Darou Baye Fall, Tommy Lee, Anna Corvino, to name a few. Since 2014 he has also collaborated with M° Carlo Faiello in the Mediterranean Popular Orchestra, with the My Land Orchestra and with the Mediterranean Symphony Orchestra.

He is also active in teaching and has attended numerous master classes held by international artists in the educational and technological fields.

As an instrumentalist, he achieved the highest grades in Musicological Studies at the “G. Martucci” Conservatory in Salerno in Music Education. Particular importance was given in the academic investigation of the Didactic-Cultural, Psycho-Pedagogical, Ethno-Historical studies and to the study of the main instrumental and vocal techniques, as well as the compositional languages related to the field of music teaching. His didactic-musical research is also fundamental in the instrumental field. This extensive research and study lead him to the rediscovery and renewed enthusiasm in his interest in Soul, Smooth Jazz, Funk, Pop and Rock.

Since 2019 he is an Artist Management & Product Specialist for the GR Bass company in Italy that specializes in design and production of amplification and accessories for Bassists and musicians. With GR Bass he has participated in some of the most important tradeshows and music fairs in the music industry such as; Roma Music Expo, Milan SHG and The NAMM tradeshow in the United States.

Antonio ‘Bruns’ Brunetti plays Elrick Standard New Jazz Standard 5

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