Expat Series Basses

Expat Series basses are hand made by our partners in the Czech Republic using the same select
grade lumber and American made components used in my line of USA hand-carved instruments.





Expat e-volution Bolt-on neck Bass Guitar

Expat e-volution basses feature the same components and specifications found on USA Gold
Series basses. US Bartolini jazz coil pickups and 3-band pre-amp with active/passive and 3-way
mid-frequency. US Hipshot / Elrick hardware. Wenge fretboard with MOP position markers.
Swamp ash bodies with natural finishes.





Expat New Jazz Standard Bolt-on neck Bass Guitar

A truly unique Jazz Style instrument, featuring an angled headstock and 24 frets+zero fret. NJS
basses feature a “heel-less” body design with extended treble access. To optimize stability as
well as playability, the neck attaches via six bolts in an asymmetrical pattern. US Bartolini Jazz
pickups and 3-band active/passive pre-amp with 2-way mid-frequency. US Hipshot / Elrick
hardware. Quarter-sawn maple or Indian rosewood fretboard. Swamp ash and Alder bodies
with lacquer finishes and matching headstocks. Pearl dot or block position markers.

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