Briwax – Original


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Briwax – Original


Briwax is the preferred wax of Elrick Bass Guitars and is used as the final step in the finishing process of all USA hand carved instruments.

BRIWAX is a solvent based blend of carnauba and beeswax, the two finest wood finishing waxes. Most waxes found today contain the solvents turpentine or mineral spirits, Briwax uses toluene, a much hotter solvent, which allows Briwax to emulsify more of the harder durable waxes like carnauba which produce better protection to your finished surfaces. The use of a hotter solvent results in the wax setting quicker, giving a higher luster and faster finish.

The solvent in Briwax will break down old wax residue and help to clean and condition the surface of instruments with natural finishes.

BRIWAX is not for use on lacquer finishes and is NOT recommended for use on Standard Series basses.

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