Dr. Duck’s AxWax & String Lube


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Dr. Duck’s AxWax & String Lube

Original fretboard treatment on all Elrick Bass Guitars

  • The ultimate Organic cleaning-polishing-moisturizing formula for all guitars and other musical instruments
  • Safe for the entire instrument (fretboard, body, neck.)
  • Lubes and restores strings and strap locks.
  • Used by Professionals Worldwide …
  • Comes in a generous 4 oz. oval shaped bottle with an applicator flip top cap.
  • Helps prevent fret oxidation.
  • U.S. made with U.S. materials.
  • Pleasant Fragrance
  • Not an aerosol spray – ozone safe!
  • Unsurpassed as a raw wood conditioner… (fingerboards, bridges, etc..)
  • A MUST to protect your instrument in all climates – dry or humid.
  • Compliments and enhances the natural beauty of your instrument.
  • One of the safest musical instrument cleaning-polishing-moisturizing formulas available!
  • Safe for delicate vintage finishes as well as modern instruments.

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